Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yooooo Gabba Gabba!

There's a Party in my City came to Kingsbury Hall. Abby And I went because she watches Yo Gabba Gabba everynight before bedtime...I must say, I really don't mind this kid show. It's actually pretty cool and they have awesome guests on it.

Before the show, Abby and I got our picture taken. They gave me a card w/ the redemption number on in and told me at intermission they were going to announce a number and that number would win VIP passes backstage to meet all of the cast! Well, guess whose number they called? MINE!!!!!!
So, we got to meet everyone!!






DJ Lance and Leslie Hall came out and read a book.

DJ LANCE ROCK is AWESOME!!! Abby has 2 yr molars coming in so she wasn't too happy. I on the otherhand, was so psyched to meet him!

Biz Markie! You know..."Oh baby you, you got what I need. And you say she's just a friend..." He does "Biz's Beats" on the show.

Leslie Hall.. I am not sure who she is, but a lady at the show told me she is YouTube sensation!