Saturday, June 28, 2008

THAILAND, the land of a thousand smiles!

Sorry, I have no pics to post at the moment, but I wanted to do a post. We arrived about 6 days ago and are having a great time! We have already walked around Bangkok (absolutely smelly and pretty gross, but definitely an experience), taken a cab ride that is at the top of my list for the 10 scariest thing I have ever done, rock climbed, elephant trek, hiked to a waterfall, did some mild white water and bamboo rafting, visited a hill tribe, saw Doi Suthep (temple on the mnt in Chiang Mai), got a massage, inhaled TONS of exhaust, sweated our asses off, and ate plennty of Thai food(and American, because sometimes that is all I can handle with).

You think we've done it all already! We are headed south to the beach tomorrow!

The people are all so nice and just about everyone understands English, but it is nice for us to know a few words in Thai as well. It is strange because for example, people from France either have to know English or Thai to communicate.

I am definitely not used to some of the smells, which have made me have no appetite. It has even been a bit hard for Jess to stomach. The street vendors cook this nasty fish that smells and definitely makes you not want to eat, especially Thai food. But when we do get Thai food it is the freshest most delicious food you have ever tasted and only cost $2 a plate. Something that good in the US would be over $10! I have been eating small portions...definitely something I never do at home!

Things are so cheap you almost feel bad. I have to go pick up our laundry which was done for us and is only going to cost us $2.50! We got 1 hour massages that only cost $5 each! Crazy!

Well, I will try to post later. Had time today because it is too bloody hot to walk around! You just get sweaty and pissed off!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Rough ride...

So can I just say driving my truck is like driving a semi truck after driving that small go-cart of a Honda!

Father's Day

We had a nice relaxing Father's Day, although I think Jess was going nuts because he was forced to spend the day with family and not go climbing.The Johnson kids (minus Jake)Me and dadDan and MikaylaEnjoying lunch at Biaggi's

Jess's new do!

So what do you think? Jess lopped off his hair for our trip:

BEFORE (okay this is a really bad pic, because the poor guy had bronchitis and had just woken up) handsome!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Final exam

Jess took his final exam to become a certified rad. tech yesterday! He got a preliminary score of 92%, but he will not know for sure for a few weeks. Now it is just another year and a half of specializing in ultrasound and then he is completely finished!

Good job baby, I am so proud of you!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Soooo sad

So, yesterday I was leaving work and as I was pulling out of my spot I felt something funny on my front tire then it felt like I backed over something. As I was pulling away I looked in my rear view and saw a little cat thrashing around on the pavement. The poor little guy must have been under my car as I was backing out! I had no idea and started to was the most horrible thing I have ever seen and I did it! I never want to hurt and animal or human! It was late, so animal services was not open, so at the moment I thought "I have to get to the concert, what can I do?" and I left. But I didn't get very far. I started bawling and came back. The poor little guy was dead. I felt HORRIBLE! I was bawling and went back into work and my supervisor came out to help me dispose of him. It absolutely ruined my whole night because all I could think of was that image of the poor thing in so much pain. I know it wasn't my fault and it was a stray kitten who lived in the fields around my work, but still it was a living thing and I killed it!

I called Jess and his response was "There are so many stray cats out there it was good that happened. It probably wouldn't have survived anyway." WOW, lots of compassion! That is a total man for you!

Please don't stop the music

My friend Rosie had an extra ticket so, last night I went to see:

Kanye West



and Lupe Fiasco

It was a really great show, but it was delayed an hour so Kanye was still singing at 1:30 am! I am definitely not 21 anymore and it was waaaay past my bedtime! Lupe Fiasco was pretty good, I really enjoyed N.E.R.D...they are kind more hardcore and have an actual band. Rihanna is just gorgeous and Kanye was a bit dramatic and still extremely cocky, but had an awesome set with tons of effects!

Monday, June 9, 2008


So, me and some of the people on my old team here at work got obsessed with entering contest...any contest. I have won tons of things from local radio stations, so I have been sticking with them lately since there is not much time to enter everything. Well, one day we all decided to enter this contest from My 99.5 FM. It was "have Ferras (the guy who sings the exit song for American Idol, Hollywood is not America) come sing at your work and have a pizza party." We all kind of laughed and said "We don't give a crap about the singer, but at least we will get free pizza!", so about 5 of us entered. Well, my friend Ron ended up winning. But the day Ferras was supposed to come, he cancelled (this was back in Feb or March), so the radio station promised Ron something else.

Today, about 6 of us from work ended up going to the radio station to hear JPL sing...Jon Peter Lewis. He was on American Idol a few seasons ago. He was actually really good and a super nice guy! And yes, we still got free pizza! His album comes out July 22nd and it is pretty dang good! This was much better than Ferras...not gonna lie, the guy looks like a douche bag anyway!

Your day to be gay!

Gotta love Gay Pride weekend! It is super fun and definitely some great people watching! I didn't catch the headlining concert this year, but last year En Vouge played. They were awesome!! I only went to the parade and the festival on Sunday this year, because Eileen, Danell, and Trevor were in the parade. Here are some of the highlights:Trev was the water boy for the dancers. Eileen and Danell are in a group called "MOFO" (aka movement forum), but MOFO sounds much cooler! Eileen striking a pose!
So, the other day I was wondering about this kid named PJ I used to work with...apparently he is alive and well, cuz here he is!

Here he is up close!Danell, Trevor, Eileen, Liz, and Kyle living it up on gay day!Eileen's awesome PRIDE tattoo!Here is my friend Ryan, who I grew up with. We still get together for dinner occasionally.

So, this guy was really interesting...check out his nails! How do you function w/ those babies!?!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Single rider in the HOV lane!

This baby allows me to ride in the car pool lane all by my little lonesome...just another fabulous benefit of our new car! Now I am not forced to go to work at the crack of dawn or way late in the morning. I just fly through rush hour!
We also get to park for free at the meters in downtown SLC. That means no more digging for change!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is it June or March?

This weather is totally pissing me off! It should be in the 80's NOT the 50's!!!