Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sock monster

So, I was seriously convinced I had a monster in my new washer and it was eating Abby's socks. Two completely different socks disappeared about a month ago. They happened to magically reappear yesterday! And then in that same load one sock from another pair disappeared! I was completely confused...

So, I told my mom about it. She laughed and said "Are they getting caught inbetween the washer and the door?" Because apparently front loaders have this "hole" there where you have to move this rubber piece to see down in it. Sure enough, there was a whole slew of Abby's little socks stuck in the "hole".

Too bad...I kinda liked the idea of a little monster!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What kid doesn't like a happy meal?


I took Abby for her 1st Happy Meal yesterday thinking this was going to be a bonding experience like on the commercials. I got her chicken nuggets, fries, and an apple juice. She chugged the apple juice, but wanted nothing to do with the meal! She didn't even want to play with the fairy toy!! Are you kidding me? What kid doesn't like McDonalds fries!?!?!

Guess who ended up eating her whole meal...yup, me.

So, I get her home and decide she needs to eat something for dinner. I made her steamed broccoli and some left over lasagna. She ate every single bite of broccoli (didn't touch the lasagna, of course. She chucked her whole plate off the table the night before.)

My kid eats broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, and salad, but really doesn't like fries or chocolate. Unbelieveable.

I guess that is good, right?