Saturday, November 29, 2008

a thought about black friday

Now I am all for a good deal, but what in the world is so important that you need to trample and kill an innocent store employee? That makes me absolutely sick!

Monday, November 24, 2008

"BYU Sucks!"

This is Tarek (my friend Gilbert's son). He is now a professional tailgater. Check out the guys in the back. What could they possibly be looking at?
On the way into the game, anytime Tarek would spot a BYU fan he would yell "BYU Sucks!" His parents are so proud!

Monday, November 17, 2008

you got the right stuff, baby

All I can say is Lisa and I could not wipe the smiles off our faces the entire time! It was such a fun show! They still have the exact same moves and look pretty damn good for being in their late 30's/early 40's!

Us in the nose bleed section again...just like we were 18 years ago!

We both agreed we had more fun this show than we did 18 years ago. All we could remember about the last show was how pissed off we were that we were in the nose bleed section! It was funny to see the wide range of people at the show. There were 10 year olds all the way up to 60 year olds. But it was mostly women our age of course! Out of all the concerts I have been to, this one had to be the loudest, only because there were so many screaming women! It was insane! Anyhow, they can still completely pull it off and I think that was $22 well spent!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i like to think i have good taste in music...

the majority of the time. And then I can also admit I have some horrible taste in music. Well, I can't even say I actually like this music, but I did this for nothing but pure nostalgic reasons.

What did I do you ask? I bought NKOTB tickets today. (If you didn't grow up in the 90's and are scratching your head at my abbreviation it means New Kids on the Block !). My best friend since we were 5, Lisa, and I picked up some tickets at the E Center today (to skip all of Ticketmaster's ridiculous service charges. Highly recommended to do this as Ticketmaster wanted over $10 for their service charge and it was only $2 at the E Center). Anyhow, they released cheap seats for $20, so we figured what the hell. Yes, we are in the back of the arena, just like we were 18 years ago at their show in Provo, but hey, the only way I was going was if the seats were cheap.

I was searching for reviews on the show and found nothing but good comments. This article especially made me feel better about my decision:

So bring it on Jordan, Jon, Donnie, Joey, & Danny!

Monday, November 10, 2008

common sense....

if you live in a condo/apartment setting YOU CANNOT HAVE SURROUND SOUND especially in your bedroom! Lucky us, our neighbors just purchased one! We have been hearing bass and it has been annoying, but they have had it on at reasonable times of the day/night...until last Saturday at midnight.

Last straw.

I banged on the wall...not stopping.

I had to go over there.

Super nice people and totally willing to turn it down or completely off, but it is funny because she said "Just bang on the wall."

I mentioned I did.

She said "Oh we were in the kitchen."

Okay, so if you are going to be retarded and even have loud bass speakers in a condo at least PUT THEM IN YOUR LIVING ROOM!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

my parents threatened to move out of the country if...

McCain was elected president. I guess they can stay! HOORAY!!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

heavy like sunday

Since you can't really see the name too well, it is called Thirteens.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Poor little guy hated his costume! I am so mean!
My favorite picture of Milo!
Jess and I went up to visit our friends, the Anzers, on Halloween evening. This is Loran, Anthony, Brenna, and Chelsea.
J.R. always gives out an awesome variety of things (king size candy bars, bags of chips, mac & cheese). As for the undeserving (teens not dressed up), they get Mo Tab postcards! They were not very psyched!
Jess came up to the Anzer's house with me, but since he had to work early the next morning he chose not to come downtown with me. Too bad he has a job he actually has to "be all there" for!
Josh , me, Gilbert, Jenny, Jessi, & Christian.
So HOT! Gilbert actually won Jazz tickets and a $50 gift card for one of the best costumes.
Stewardess Eileen & pilot Trevor
Pimp werewolf Greg & Little Red Riding Whore Lorainne
The whole Port O Call crew.

Me and my bestest friend, Eileen!


Tagged again:

-Greys Anatomy
-How I met your Mother
-Ugly Betty
-It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
-The Office
-My Name is Earl
-30 Rock

-lunch w/ mom & dad at Citrus Grill
-worked out at the excercise room at our condo and got super pissed off that there 10-15 UNSUPERVISED children ALL UNDER THE AGE OF 5 running around playing on all of the equipment. There was one guy in there when I arrived, but apparently he thought I was the new "babysitter" and left to go back to his little party in the other room! Seriously...WTF?
-battled WalMart
-shopped at Ross for a new purse
-watched Jess make dinner
-downloaded some new music
-worked out again w/ Jess (I was super motivated I guess!)
-watched Brothers & Sisters
Not a very eventful day cuz the weather sucked!

-hopefully enlarging our little family
-going to Vegas next month for a much anticipated wedding
-the holidays
-going to Vegas again in January (girls trip woo hoo!)
-moving into a house someday
-more traveling w/ Jess
-Jess to be finished w/ school so we can stop paying for nothing (Jess basically pays tuition to work and get experience at the hospital).
-heading to St. George to escape winter inversion (good thing we have a lot of friends there!).

-Lonestar Taqueria
-Teru Sushi
-Sweet Tomatoes
-Citrus Grill
-India House
-Cafe Rio

-a positive pregnancy test
-a house (so sick of condo living!)
-if spring, summer, and fall were the only seasons
-go somewhere exotic at least 3 times a year
-never have to work
-the people you love never to get sick or pass away
-no abuse to anyone or anything. Nothing makes me more sad than to see someone or something so innocent get abused.
-I could also use a million dollars!

and anyone else interested.