Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chick flick time!

Thanks Rose, for saving me a seat at the Sex and the City premiere! For those of you who are debating on seeing it......GO! It is soooo good!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Is how much it cost me to fill up on my last trip to the natural gas station! I got about 5 gallons in it and it cost me LESS than 1 gallon of gasoline! Jealous...I thought so.

I love, love, love the new car, but I have to admit I am going through Tacoma withdrawls. Everyone has a Civic! Look, just today I was a Civic sandwich where I parked at work...4 in a row!

I really can't complain, because at .63 cents a gallon I would probably drive the crap Chevy Cavalier we originally were thinking of getting. I heard it is getting hard to even get a used P.O.S natural gas car these days. The waitlist for this car is well into 2009 now. I guess we have a "top of the line" natural gas car since no one is making them brand new other than Honda.

Oh, and the reason it shut down on me last week and had to be towed back to the dealer was because there is an emergency system in the car. If too much pressure is going into the tank it will shut the car down, which is a good thing, I guess. All we have to do is take off the negative battery cable to reset it, but the mechanic said this is a freak thing and should not happen again. What are the chances...the 1st time we fill up and there happens to be a spike in pressure at the pump!

The Cure

My good friends Anthony and Chelsea had an extra ticket to see The Cure last Friday and invited me to come along. We had amazing seats 4th row on the floor. The show was amazing! This was my 3rd time seeing The Cure and I think this had to be my favorite show. The opening band was a band from England called 65 Days of Static, who only did instrumental music. They were awesome too!
This was the bass player for The Cure...he had SUPER tight pants!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Problem after problem...

So, the new car is finally HERE! Just so you all know, the waitlist on one of these babies is well into 2009! We did this at the perfect time!
We went into Ken Garff Honda Downtown on Saturday, before it came in, to get the paperwork over with. To make a long story short, the finance guy, Brian, is a weasel and totally screwed us on better interest rate among other things. After going to Ken Garff everyday this week and speaking with the director of finance, I finally got the contract rewritten w/ the better interest rate. They really did end up taking care of me in the end.
SO, we picked up the new car yesterday. It is AWESOME! We drove it to Jess's grandma's in Provo for our monthly "cousins dinner" and then decided to go top it off w/ gas for fun to see how the pump worked. We went to the pump in Orem (there are only 2 stations in all of Utah county). We filled it up w/ 3 gallons, which only cost $2! I turned the key, started the car and watched the gas gauge go from half full to EMPTY and the car died! So, I called the trusty Ken Garff Back-U-Up # and had them tow it back to SLC. The owners manual said if that exact thing happens there is a problem in the fuel system and to get it to the dealer. They said they have never seen this problem. The car only has 66 miles on it! Well we shall see what happens. My whole week has been consumed by this damn car!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sucked in...

So, I have not watched American Idol for a few seasons, but last night I happened to turn it on since there was absolutely nothing else to watch. All I can say is "GO DAVID ARCHULETA!". I was totally on the edge of my seat the whole show waiting to see if he was going to be in the top 2! Usually, Jess can't go 2 seconds without making fun of the show, but he actually tuned in for a moment when they showed Archuleta's journey home. It was so cool to see his response to all the many screaming little girls! Jess and I really don't care for David Cook. He sounds like all the other crap on the radio.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Princess Tarek!

So, I went over to Eileen's sisters house for a Mother's Day/Trevor b-day BBQ on Saturday night. I took Milo with me in hopes he would get along with their dog, Mo. While we were eating, I left Milo on the deck with Mo. The deck had huge slats where Milo could fit through and fall off, so I pretty much had my eye on him the entire time though the window. Well, the second I turned my back, Tarek (Gilberts little boy) had gone outside and was pulling a "Michael Jackson" with Milo where he was dangling Milo over the edge of the deck through one of the slats! Lorainne happened to turn her head right in time and we went and saved poor Milo. No one was hurt, but Tarek knew he did something bad and was crying about it. We all had reassure him the doggy was okay, but not to do it again!
Here is Tarek...apparently he loves his cousin's purple tootoo! This pic is hilarious, so I had to post it!

Mom's Day

I got to spend the whole weekend with my mom starting w/ lunch at Market Street Grill on Friday. On Saturday, we went to Sweet Tomatoes, got gelato, and then I bought her the hanging flower basket she wanted for Mothers Day. On Sunday, me my mom and dad went to Olio for brunch. It is a nice quiet little place at the Sheraton hotel downtown.
On Sunday afternoon I headed over to Jess's parents house to wish Jeanie and Casey a Happy Mother's Day. Jess had to work all weekend...poor guy, he has bronchitis and has not had a day off since he got it last week!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Girls night out!

So, we finally had our long awaited girls night for me and Ashley's b-day's! We started the night at Benny's graduation party, had dinner at Citrus Grill, and the headed over to The Hotel for some dancing. Well, The Hotel wanted a $15 cover, so we decided that $5 at Port O Call was much better. Maybe we should have paid the $15...Port has gone down hill! All they played was "thug" music that you can't even dance to! However, it was definitely good people watching and I still had a great time!

One of the topics at dinner was how old we are getting and how our digestive tracts are just not the same anymore. GAS-X a total lifesaver! Sorry Rose, I had to post it!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

We had a little Cinco de Mayo BBQ up Provo Canyon last night. There was beer, brats (I know that is more Oktoberfest), bean dip w/ chips, and best of all some homemade tamales! There were 4 slacklines set up and then when it got cold at night we started a fire. Extremely mello Cinco de Mayo compared to the last couple of years (i.e. drunk night sledding down the slopes at Sundance!). I think we are getting old, although it was a week night!

Jess and Scott grilling up some brats!
Casey and lil' Mikayla!
Me and Jess (I actually got him to pose w/out making a funny face!)
Me, Casey, and Mikayla (well the top of her head at least!)
Cody and his pinata beer holder!
Cinco de Mayo 2007
I had to post this because I was in Seattle last year for Cinco de Mayo. Fun times! Me, random man at the bar, Zoey, and Jenn!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Tagged by Arien:

4 jobs I have had:
-working at my dad's dent and scratch grocery store when I was 13 (nasty old food smells and trashy people).
-working for my dad's other business, Custom Trim of Utah (running errands and sweeping floors)
-KMART (Ugh, no more retail ever again! It was kind of a fun job though especially with Neil, Nick, and Rosie!)
-Marriott Rewards/Marriott Vacation Club (phone rep., emails, training dept., and now tech. support)

4 TV shows I watch:
-Nip/Tuck (can't get enough of this filth!)
-Grey's Anatomy
-Ugly Betty
-South Park

4 places I have been:
-Japan (I was 10 yrs old as an exchange student)
-Europe (backpacked with Eileen and Denise for 2 months, also visited Gerry twice, and went to Paris for work)
-Cancun (oh, this was a great girls trip!)

4 people that email me:
(Does google chat count?)

4 of my favorite foods:
-Mexican (By far has always been my favorite! Love that Lonestar taqueria fish burrito!)

4 friends I tag:
-Katie Nielson
-Ron and Jessica
-Lindsey Swan
-Rosie Skinner

4 things I am looking forward to in 2008:
-the annual NWS party in Moab (we get to see Jake and others from CO. I may even climb Castleton Tower again)
-my new position at work
-the possibility of a new addition to our family :) (We shall see!)