Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter weekend in Zion

Jess and I had an awesome Easter weekend down South. We stayed with our friends Robbie and Christine who live in a little town called Virgin just outside Zion National Park. Jess did a little bouldering, we hiked Angel's Landing in Zion National Park, and did an 11 mile bike ride on the Jem trail on Sunday. The best part about the trip was it was WARM! We have not had an active weekend outdoors for ages! Needless to say, I am super sore today from all the hiking and biking.

I had never hiked Angels Landing and I will have to admit I was a bit nervous on the last half mile. Jess kept giving me dirty looks because my shoes kept slipping on loose dirt and I kept letting out little noises everytime that happened. Those chains you hold on to get to the top are nasty, (because everyone and their brother touches them) but they are completely necessary! Jess's friend, Robbie, nicknamed the chain the "Gohnerreah Chain", so I thought it would be quite comical to pretend like I was licking it in the picture above.

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