Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Goin' Green!

Jess and I are going green...and NO, not because we are dirty hippies! We just put a deposit on a 2008 Honda Civic that runs purely on natrual gas. However, since there is a waitlist, we don't actually get it until June.

As some of you may have heard me complain a few months ago, Jess was trying to get me to give in to the idea of a 2000 Chevy Cavalier that ran on natural gas and gasoline. Yes, I was a total snot about it and pretty much snubbed the idea of me driving a crappy Cavalier, BUT I finally gave in and told him to just go find one (as long as we set up a fund for a BMW with all the money we saved!). Well, after long hours of searching on and a test drive where we found the owner had turned the odometer back about 40,000 miles, Jess actually thought it may benefit us just to get a brand new, reliable car.

Here are the benefits of our new car:
*$4,000 tax cut from federal and $3,000 from state.

*Natural gas is only 63 cents a gallon, so an 8 gallon tank will only cost me about $5 to fill and will go 170-200 miles. This is amazing compared to the $50 I spend every week!

*I can ride in the carpool lane all by my little lonesome.

*Free parking downtown SLC

*and yes, of course, I am doing my part to save the environment!
One of the cons will be not having the convenience of a gas station on every corner. It is pretty much a commuter vehicle, although, we can still go to CA, we just have to map out our route based on gas stations. St. George won't be a problem.
YAY, no more crappy Cavalier!

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