Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

We had a little Cinco de Mayo BBQ up Provo Canyon last night. There was beer, brats (I know that is more Oktoberfest), bean dip w/ chips, and best of all some homemade tamales! There were 4 slacklines set up and then when it got cold at night we started a fire. Extremely mello Cinco de Mayo compared to the last couple of years (i.e. drunk night sledding down the slopes at Sundance!). I think we are getting old, although it was a week night!

Jess and Scott grilling up some brats!
Casey and lil' Mikayla!
Me and Jess (I actually got him to pose w/out making a funny face!)
Me, Casey, and Mikayla (well the top of her head at least!)
Cody and his pinata beer holder!
Cinco de Mayo 2007
I had to post this because I was in Seattle last year for Cinco de Mayo. Fun times! Me, random man at the bar, Zoey, and Jenn!

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Josh said...

Oh you get better than that! you get a whole section dedicated to our girls night! I just have yet to do it :) I will probably work on it tonight and send you pics! love ya! Rose