Friday, July 18, 2008

Our trusty US postal service

So, the post office lost 3 weeks of our mail! On Monday I went to pick up our mail from the hold I put on it while we were in Thailand and the rude clerk told me she had no idea where it was and that she would have the carrier call me.
Okay...2 days went by, no call. I call them and and the lady was like "Oh yeah, we have been searching for it and just have no clue where it could be." So she puts me on hold forever and then says "Yeah, we are doing construction here at the post office and a wall was accidentally knocked over. We think your mail was under the wall. Let me call you back later."
2 more days goes by and guess what...NO CALL! So, of course I call again today. Another lady non chalantly tells me they do not know where it is. At this point I am pretty pissed and start lashing out. I asked the lady why no one had called me to even give me an update. I asked if they were just too scared to tell me my mail was lost and she said yes, that is why no one has called. Mail just does not magically disappear! So, I guess it is pretty much a lost cause...what can you do? It is not like you can demand compensation!

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Katie said...

That sucks Niki! So what DOES the post office do? Man...I'd be mad too! Hey I know! Demand they pay your bills that were in that pile!