Monday, September 22, 2008

MOAB! 7th annual NWS party!

Whoa, what a weekend! Didn't get to climb any towers this year, but it was still a good weekend!This is Castle Valley where we camp every year. It is about 20 miles outside of Moab. I climbed Castleton Tower (the one on the right) last year. There are pics from that...go to my very first post ever (March 2008) if you are interested in seeing them!

Veronica and baby Jasmine. Doesn't that backdrop look fake? Such a gorgeous area!

On Saturday we hiked to Delicate Arch w/ Cory, Veronica, and baby Jasmine.

Jess looks like he has a comb over in this pic!

This is Tom. He lives in CO, so we hardly ever get to see him. We meet up in Moab every September to celebrate his b-day. Holy crap, I have a HUGE tounge!
Isaac, Corrigan, and me.Tom, Jess, and Scott.Cory is our DJ every year. He brings his whole set up and mixes for us...THANKS CORY! "Wooooooo!" Needless to say....Jess had a good time! This pic is hilarious!
Um, things got a little is Isaac in his "costume" (underwear and motocross boots)!

Here's to another great Moab adventure!

We missed you Jake and Whitney!


Me in a nut shell said...

NICE ABS woman! Have you been working out?

Niki and Jess said...

HA, you are so nice Hil! That is just a shadow of the abs I used to have under the FLAB!