Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Check out my BLING!

I know what you all are thinking..."WOW, look at the size of those diamonds!" and "Awww, what a sweet husband Niki has!" Even though Jess is a total sweetheart, there is no way in hell he would ever bring something like this home as a surprise (I think he would rather get me some rock climbing or mt. biking gear). And no, unfortunatley, they are not real diamonds, but I think they still look dang good!

These beauties were purchased from a $200 gift certificate I won! I sat on it forever, because I was thinking "What in the world can I possibly get for $200 in a jewelry store?". The certificate was due to expire today, so I thought I had better just go check it out. Well, apparently you can get CZ's w/ white gold prongs for $180. This is actually just what I have been wanting for a while!
Woo Hoo... I win!

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Me in a nut shell said...

Let me guess, the daily games... Wow so how much have you won now? I hope you are having a great time in Newport!