Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My mom actually ate SUSHI and loved it! We have been trying for ages to get her to try some. Of course it was the unagi tempura roll (fried eel w/ cream cheese), but that is a start! She did try a spicy tuna w/ avacado roll and almost gagged. I am still proud of her!

If anyone is looking for a great sushi place, there is one called Teru Sushi off of 7200 So. just below Highland Dr. (across the street from the liquor store, so in a strip mall on the south side of the street).

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Cody, Meg, and Madie said...

I love Teru- it is so good, and the couple that owns it is so nice! We would go there all the time when we lived in the apartment b/c it was just down the street. Now we are way out west, so we don't make it there as often. We'll have to go there sometime- but Cocolito's first!