Sunday, October 19, 2008

yee haw

Yesterday, Casey and I were going to go to Thanksgiving Point for the Scarecrow Festival, but Casey did some research online and found something better...the Payson Country Festival. We were all prepared for back country mullets and tight Wranglers, but it actually turned out to be quite different! First of all, it was free (Thanksgiving Point was not!), and it was at someones farm house, so it was quaint and had a down home feel. There were booths, tractor rides, awesome food (The best roast beef sandwhich I have ever had), petting zoo, and fiddlers.Our "hoe down" picture.
Casey was scared of the pony, so I took Mikayla to pet him.

The goat bit me. I guess that is what I get when I stick my finger through the gate. They look like they have human teeth! (Sidenote: ignore my shirt that happens to be gapping wide open)

Casey wasn't scared of the goats. She should have been....they bite, ponies don't!

Love my lil' niece! You would think she was my child with how many pictures I post!


teamkc said...

I totally lived in Payson for 4 years and NEVER knew about this!! I love the pics and I love goats and ponies...p.s. they don't bite if you keep your fingers together so they don't look like carrots! ;-)

The Crockett's said...

Fall is my favorite time for all the fun there is. You do have one adorable niece

MandyW said...

How fun. I think it is only appropriate to post lots of cute pictures of one's nieces. She is a cute girl. Goats also love to butt people with their heads. Pony are a lot nicer I don't know what casey was thinking

Lindsey S. said...

How fun!