Sunday, March 29, 2009

my not-so-dirty 30

It happened...I turned 30. Yes, it is sad, but I have heard 30 is the new 20, so bring it on (I guess).
I had a great "b-day week". Yes, week. I swear only women understand this concept of the b-day week. It starts when that first friend wants to take you to lunch. I just don't think guys take their guy friends to lunch, so they don't get a b-day week.

On my actual b-day Jess bought me flowers and we went to dinner w/ my parents.

A few days later, my best friend Eileen, coordinated a dinner for me at the Red Iguana. Surprisingly, a lot of people showed up! It was fabulous!

Then most of us headed over to the Urban Lounge for some live Samba music.

I guess this pose is no longer sexy when you are 6 months prego!

I wish I had more pictures to post, but for some reason I am getting horribly lazy at taking them these days!

I just want to thank everyone for the b-day wishes!


teamkc said...

Happy Birthday! And that pose is still sexy!

Amanda&Wade said...

You are so cute! Happy birthday, I'm glad you had fun... you are one hot preggo chick! :)

Misty Murphy said...

Happy Birthday. You are a smoking hot preggo! You know there are fetish websites dedicated to the preggos. Extra cash for the the baby's college fund perhaps?????

Meg B said...

I totally agree with the Birthday Week! There are just too many yummy places to go to that you can't limit it to one special day. As for the pose, still very sexy- only the guys that find it sexy other than your husband are usually guys you lock your car doors at when you drive by them. But only 3 more months!!!!!!

emmy and ry said...

Happy Birthday - it was great running into you at the last show. Minus the vibe kill moments of Rachel's set, it was a stellar set up with her and Laswell.

The Hodges said...

Hey women that is totally sexy pose! Congrats! You really do look great! I have not posted on my blog in a really long time and have not checked others blogs(my bad). I am excited for you! what are you having? Let me know

The Hodges said...

Ok I look at your previous posts and IT'S A GIRL! Girls are so much fun and great to have first. You will be such a great Mom!

Me in a nut shell said...

I am almost there! Yikes... You look like you took the day well, and had a good time! 30 for us! Wow what do the next ten years have in store... I hope they go SLOOOOOOW, 20's flew by!