Monday, April 27, 2009


As some of you may know, I love me some dirt bike action! I won some tickets to Supercross on Saturday, so Jess, Casey, Dan and I braved the cold and headed to Rice Eccles Stadium. Luckily, the rain cleared, but it made for some sloppy track conditions!

As you can see, the tickets you win off the radio are not usually the best seats in the house. It was the nose bleed section for us but I did not mind! We were right above the first corner, so we got to see the pileups and who got the holeshot pretty well.
Nothing gets me more excited than the start gate! Even though I did not race that much and by no means was I any good at it, I just remember that nervous/excited feeling you get when you have that throttle revved up, the gate drops, and you are off!
And the winner is:

James Stewart

I am sad to say I did not even get to see the finish. I saw the first 10 laps of the main event, which was super competitive, where James Stewart and Chad Reed battled it out, but I am sad to say we left. We were cold, hungry, tired, and wanted to beat traffic...yes, I am officially an old party pooper.

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MandyW said...

Of course you won the tickets. I need to get some winning tips from you. What a fun night.