Sunday, July 5, 2009

ok abby, I think it's time

My bestest friend, Eileen, and I went shopping for some last minute baby items. We made it a girls day with pedicures ($30 toes? I can't believe that is what it costs these days. If I could bend over and do my own for free I would!), lunch at Lonestar Taqueria, and a shopping spree at Babies R Us and Target! I have never just gone through a store and thrown everything and anything a cart was fun!!

The babies room is not finished, I still need to hang pictures and do a few last minute things, so I will post more on that later. This is a sneak peek though! I decided to go neutral with the bedding.
I seriously do not even know what I would do without Eileen. She helped me so much. If I get overwhelmed I tend to shut down and not want to do a thing. She took charge and helped me clean and organize the room.

And remember that chair I was going to reupholseter? I took it to a lil' shop in Pleasant Grove to have done. It was just one little guy running his own lil' shop just like my dad, so I decided to give him the business. He did a great job. I know I would have screwed it up on my own. The thing is, this chair matches nothing in the nursery...oh well, I liked the fabric!!

And check out these babies! UGH!!! This is the result of shopping all day on a hot day! It seriously disgusts me, but what can ya do, right? Pregnancy is a CRAZY thing! At least the $30 toes look nice with these lovely cankles!!


Hebbs said...

It's weird to see a fit women with cankles.....I guess that's what pregnancy does. It's will all be worth it when your holding your precious baby that Jess and you created! Good luck with the delivery!

Jensens said...

Oh my gosh, does that bring back memories! You still look so cute. Good luck, I hope she comes soon!