Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So, I don't know if I have mentioned this, but Jess now has a full time job as an ultrasound tech. He is not finished with school until December, but a position opened up and they offered it to him. Could not have come at a better time!

(This is a picture of Abby that Jess took at 32 weeks. I thought it was fitting for my post!)

This was my first week back to work as well. I managed to leave the house, Monday, with only minimal tears.
(it is so hard to leave this, especially when she is smiling and cooing at you before you walk out the door!)

Anyhow, I was skeptical, but so far I am really liking the part time thing! I just work 24 hours a week and I know Abby is in good hands because Jess has her all day (he works a night shift). It seems to be a really good balance for me, because I get to go to work and have some alone time, talk with friends, and have an identity. But I also get my time with Abby and Jess on my days off. I have to admit though, getting up early is so not fun, especially when I am still getting up once a night to feed Abby!


Jensens said...

I'm glad that things are working out. That's so great that Jess can take care of the baby while you are working. It's also great that you can work part time. I know it's hard to be away, but it's also good sometimes.

Leigh and Craig said...

She is so cute! You are so lucky that Jess is home all day. That is so good for little Abby. I am kinda glad to go back to work. I just wish that I only had to go back one day a week instead of four.