Thursday, March 3, 2011

What kid doesn't like a happy meal?


I took Abby for her 1st Happy Meal yesterday thinking this was going to be a bonding experience like on the commercials. I got her chicken nuggets, fries, and an apple juice. She chugged the apple juice, but wanted nothing to do with the meal! She didn't even want to play with the fairy toy!! Are you kidding me? What kid doesn't like McDonalds fries!?!?!

Guess who ended up eating her whole meal...yup, me.

So, I get her home and decide she needs to eat something for dinner. I made her steamed broccoli and some left over lasagna. She ate every single bite of broccoli (didn't touch the lasagna, of course. She chucked her whole plate off the table the night before.)

My kid eats broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, and salad, but really doesn't like fries or chocolate. Unbelieveable.

I guess that is good, right?


Heather said...

ha ha!! they have a mind of there own! daniel is the same way...won't touch junk food, but will eat his veggies up!!!

Lindsey S. said...

Very good! Within the next year it could all change so quickly. Bailey really overall is a GREAT eater. But she loves her candy!!! So keep her eating all that stuff and enjoy it. If she always keeps it up likely chance she'll always like it! That's what I think anyway!

Bailey loves salad!! She use to hate green beans and never ate them but I never stopped putting them on her plate. One day she decided to give them another try and she loved them and still does. But really the girl could down candy especially chocolate like there is no tomorrow! So we have to hide stuff around here! haha

teamkc said...

Ansley is that way, too! She'll take veggies over sweets anyday, but she does like her Happy Meals...I agree with Lindsey, keep her trying all the stuff, she'll eventually eat everything! You are a good mom to not let the food go to waste. :)