Monday, April 18, 2011

indoor climbing our garage

So, Jess is building a climbing wall in our garage.

He took the panels from another climbing wall that was in his friends barn. Yes, the grafitti is ghetto to me, but it is nostalgic to him since he used to climb in that barn all the time. He thinks it is awesome, be it!

A 3 car garage was a must for Jess when we were doing the whole house hunt for this purpose. There will be more walls coming off the side of the main part. I was a little hesitant about all this at first, but what the heck...maybe I will get strong from it!

One thing I am not psyched about is all the banging and pounding way past Abby's bedtime. Abby actually asked me if she could go night night the other night, so I had to put a stop to the drilling!

I will post more when it is completely finished!


teamkc said...

That is SO cool! We need to do that...but I think it'd cost a fortune, especially since holds (is that what they are called) are NOT cheap!

Niki said...

Yeah, we get the hold for free. Most came off the old wall, but we have a good friend who makes them too.