Friday, October 14, 2011

Oh man I have a lot of pictures to post...

Deer Creek

Park City

Abby's 2nd haircut. I wasn't there for the first.

The Zoo

The green smoothie we make for breaskfast.

Bear Lake

Abby and her buddy Jasmine in Bear Lake.

I left Abby for a second and this is what I came back to. She was completely stuck.

I had Abby chanting "GO UTES, YAY UTES" on UTAH/BYU game day.

Utah State Fair.

Pony ride at the state fair. Abby was waving at everyone.

North Tower fountain at 9/11 Memorial.

Only tree left standing after 9/11.

Top of the Met.

Bowling in NYC was like bowling at a night club. I got a strike!

All you can drink Mimosa's w/ brunch. I ♥ NYC.


We had a pig roast in the middle of the desert.

10th annual NWS party in the desert. Dancin' our asses off!

Jess's mustache for a minute...he wouldn't keep it even though I told him to!

Makin' punkin' chocolate chip cookies w/ mommy.

This was Jess's sleeping bag from when he was a kid. Abby loves it!


teamkc said...

Fun! I am jealous that you visited Ground Zero. And what recipe do you use for your pumpkin cookies?

Me in a nut shell said...

You have been having fun for the last couple of months!!! I want to come ;) Abby is sooo cute I can't believe how big she is already.... Where does time go?

Mel said...

i LOVE your blog! so many cool pics! i'm so lucky to be your neighbor! :) said...

So nice blogger

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