Friday, April 18, 2008

Goodbye Fairibbean

Today is my last day on the "Fairibbean" team at Marriott. For those of you who do not know, "Fairibbean" is the nickname for the Fairway Villas/Caribbean Vacation Advisor team. I have taken a position in the Technical Support department, so I now deal with all of our internal systems and the website...which means I have finally moved out of customer service, YAY! No more owners complaining about their loans and maintenance fees (people get mean when it comes to their money) and I also don't have to hear about how they did not get the view type they wanted in Hawaii or one of the MANY other things owners can think of to complain about! It is a bitter sweet move, because I will miss my team and I will also not be a part time trainer anymore :(
My team got me a goodbye card and cake and since they know I am always advocating healthy snacks, they also got me a veggie tray.

These are kind of old pictures, but they are all I can find. We always had fun on team outings! This one is at Fat Cats when I first started as a VOA in March of 2005! We are the O.G.'s of the Caribbean team!

This one was taken at Solider Hollow last March. Almost a totally different crew!

Goodbye "FAIRIBBEAN! I will miss ya!


heather1 said...

Carabbean team RIP!! Oh the good old times!!

Katie said...

Niki! We'll miss you! Don't become a stranger! See you 'round!