Monday, May 12, 2008

Princess Tarek!

So, I went over to Eileen's sisters house for a Mother's Day/Trevor b-day BBQ on Saturday night. I took Milo with me in hopes he would get along with their dog, Mo. While we were eating, I left Milo on the deck with Mo. The deck had huge slats where Milo could fit through and fall off, so I pretty much had my eye on him the entire time though the window. Well, the second I turned my back, Tarek (Gilberts little boy) had gone outside and was pulling a "Michael Jackson" with Milo where he was dangling Milo over the edge of the deck through one of the slats! Lorainne happened to turn her head right in time and we went and saved poor Milo. No one was hurt, but Tarek knew he did something bad and was crying about it. We all had reassure him the doggy was okay, but not to do it again!
Here is Tarek...apparently he loves his cousin's purple tootoo! This pic is hilarious, so I had to post it!

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