Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Soooo sad

So, yesterday I was leaving work and as I was pulling out of my spot I felt something funny on my front tire then it felt like I backed over something. As I was pulling away I looked in my rear view and saw a little cat thrashing around on the pavement. The poor little guy must have been under my car as I was backing out! I had no idea and started to panic...it was the most horrible thing I have ever seen and I did it! I never want to hurt and animal or human! It was late, so animal services was not open, so at the moment I thought "I have to get to the concert, what can I do?" and I left. But I didn't get very far. I started bawling and came back. The poor little guy was dead. I felt HORRIBLE! I was bawling and went back into work and my supervisor came out to help me dispose of him. It absolutely ruined my whole night because all I could think of was that image of the poor thing in so much pain. I know it wasn't my fault and it was a stray kitten who lived in the fields around my work, but still it was a living thing and I killed it!

I called Jess and his response was "There are so many stray cats out there it was good that happened. It probably wouldn't have survived anyway." WOW, lots of compassion! That is a total man for you!


Ron & Jessica said...

Your pretty new NGV Civic needs a bumper sticker.

Lost your cat? Look under my "tires."

Katie said...

Niki! I'm so sorry! I felt like it was kinda mine and Melissa's fault because we couldn't catch him before. I saw an Animal Control truck by work and I bet they couldn't find him either! I hate cats, but kitties are definitely cute. But its okay, he's in a better place than a crappy gross field! :)

Veronica said...

That it totally something Cory would say with no compassion, Lame! I feel for ya....it wasn't your fault, but your story made me sad :(

We need to get together before you guys leave to Thailand!! Call us and we'll go to dinner.