Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Please don't stop the music

My friend Rosie had an extra ticket so, last night I went to see:

Kanye West



and Lupe Fiasco

It was a really great show, but it was delayed an hour so Kanye was still singing at 1:30 am! I am definitely not 21 anymore and it was waaaay past my bedtime! Lupe Fiasco was pretty good, I really enjoyed N.E.R.D...they are kind more hardcore and have an actual band. Rihanna is just gorgeous and Kanye was a bit dramatic and still extremely cocky, but had an awesome set with tons of effects!

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Jason & Heather said...

hey it was so good to see you! it seems like forever! hey if you give me your email i'll send you a invite to our blog...but I agree by the time kanye came on I was ready for bed, oh...what it would be like to be 21 again. here is my email: carrollhl@gmail.com