Saturday, June 28, 2008

THAILAND, the land of a thousand smiles!

Sorry, I have no pics to post at the moment, but I wanted to do a post. We arrived about 6 days ago and are having a great time! We have already walked around Bangkok (absolutely smelly and pretty gross, but definitely an experience), taken a cab ride that is at the top of my list for the 10 scariest thing I have ever done, rock climbed, elephant trek, hiked to a waterfall, did some mild white water and bamboo rafting, visited a hill tribe, saw Doi Suthep (temple on the mnt in Chiang Mai), got a massage, inhaled TONS of exhaust, sweated our asses off, and ate plennty of Thai food(and American, because sometimes that is all I can handle with).

You think we've done it all already! We are headed south to the beach tomorrow!

The people are all so nice and just about everyone understands English, but it is nice for us to know a few words in Thai as well. It is strange because for example, people from France either have to know English or Thai to communicate.

I am definitely not used to some of the smells, which have made me have no appetite. It has even been a bit hard for Jess to stomach. The street vendors cook this nasty fish that smells and definitely makes you not want to eat, especially Thai food. But when we do get Thai food it is the freshest most delicious food you have ever tasted and only cost $2 a plate. Something that good in the US would be over $10! I have been eating small portions...definitely something I never do at home!

Things are so cheap you almost feel bad. I have to go pick up our laundry which was done for us and is only going to cost us $2.50! We got 1 hour massages that only cost $5 each! Crazy!

Well, I will try to post later. Had time today because it is too bloody hot to walk around! You just get sweaty and pissed off!


Ron & Jessica said...

I'm jealous! Thailand is so beautiful - Jessica

Lindsey S. said...

I want a massage for only $5!