Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tonsai Beach

We spent a week in absolute paradise on a pennisula in a little place called Ton sai/Railey beach. It is a climbers paradise, but actually too damn hot to climb! We met some really great people here.

The 1st night we stayed in this:
A cochroach, mouse shit infested hut w/ a mosquito net over the bed. It was about $4. That was about all I could handle for the experience, so we moved to this place for about $24 a night:
Ahhh, much better! An enclosed bungalow w/ air con! Hey, if we were traveling around for months, yes, I would go for the bamboo hut, but I saved my ass off for this trip!

We met up w/ our friends Gerry and Tonya and are now in Phuket staying at Marriott's Phuket Beach Club since I get free nights for working for Marriott. This place is amazing! The service is incredible...they would probably wipe your butt if they could. However, it is like it's own little compound. You do not even feel like you are in Thailand anymore because it is so secluded. You are forced to buy expensive food since there is no where else to go. I miss paying $3 for a meal.

We are headed home on Sunday...this trip has flown by! More pics to come later!


Lindsey S. said...

Good call on the $24 a night place!

Amanda&Wade said...

Love the hut! ha! I love your blog, it's so so cute!! Hope your having fun in Thailand!