Monday, June 9, 2008

Your day to be gay!

Gotta love Gay Pride weekend! It is super fun and definitely some great people watching! I didn't catch the headlining concert this year, but last year En Vouge played. They were awesome!! I only went to the parade and the festival on Sunday this year, because Eileen, Danell, and Trevor were in the parade. Here are some of the highlights:Trev was the water boy for the dancers. Eileen and Danell are in a group called "MOFO" (aka movement forum), but MOFO sounds much cooler! Eileen striking a pose!
So, the other day I was wondering about this kid named PJ I used to work with...apparently he is alive and well, cuz here he is!

Here he is up close!Danell, Trevor, Eileen, Liz, and Kyle living it up on gay day!Eileen's awesome PRIDE tattoo!Here is my friend Ryan, who I grew up with. We still get together for dinner occasionally.

So, this guy was really interesting...check out his nails! How do you function w/ those babies!?!

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Veronica said...

You are sooo fun and you are always doing fun things. I can't imagine Jess attending this event though.