Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cushy kayak tour

So we went on a kayak tour of some of the islands around Phuket. One was "James Bond Island", which was apparently seen in the 2nd film w/ Pierce Brosnan (I wouldn't know, I haven't seen any of them anyway). I felt so lazy, because someone else actually did our paddling for us! But we went in some caves that were pitch dark, so really, it was good we had our own personal tour guide. We had to lay down in some spots where the rock would just about skim your face just to get into the was so cool! That is us in the kayak behind the Thai guy. We all got pooped and peed on by the bats in this cave. Gerry and Tonya got a complete bat pee shower!

So, the middle formation is the "James Bond" rock. The pic is kind of at a strange angle and we were there for a pretty high tide, so it is hard to tell. I guess Good Morning Vietnam was shot here too (haven't seen that one either).

Gerry wanted a pic of him paddling, so he could take all the credit!

I was so worried about rain, since it is monsoon season and all, but today was the 1 st day it actually poured and luckily it was right as we were headed back from our tour. There have only been 2 other overcast days and it has mostky rained at night. YAY!

Anyhow, we have 1 more day here and then we head back to Bangkok for a few days. Again, more pics to come later!


Dan & Casey Ritter said...

we miss you guys! It looks like you are having a blast. I love you lots! xoxoxo

Ron & Jessica said...

We loved ocean kayaking when we were in Cabo, but we weren't as lazy as you. We actually paddled our own kayak.

Lindsey S. said...

Yep I am still jealous!