Monday, November 10, 2008

common sense....

if you live in a condo/apartment setting YOU CANNOT HAVE SURROUND SOUND especially in your bedroom! Lucky us, our neighbors just purchased one! We have been hearing bass and it has been annoying, but they have had it on at reasonable times of the day/night...until last Saturday at midnight.

Last straw.

I banged on the wall...not stopping.

I had to go over there.

Super nice people and totally willing to turn it down or completely off, but it is funny because she said "Just bang on the wall."

I mentioned I did.

She said "Oh we were in the kitchen."

Okay, so if you are going to be retarded and even have loud bass speakers in a condo at least PUT THEM IN YOUR LIVING ROOM!


Jensens said...

I so sympathize. Sorry to hear it's happening to you.

Ron and Jessica said...

I watched a movie last night.
I used my surround sound. It was loud.
Lots of Bass.

And nobody banged on my wall.

Me in a nut shell said...

Oh the joys of sharing a wall! Know how that goes! I shared walls for 5 years... then I shared a house with the inlaws while building. So it is finally nice when you have your own space! And from a previous post, I think even at work you have some racket ;)

Katie said...

I hated that so much when I lived in an apartment. That and kids running around above you...totally sucks! You handled it quite well though!

Heather said...

I hear ya...and its not just surround sound...we use to get all kinds of noises (hint,hint) where we use to live!