Monday, November 3, 2008


Poor little guy hated his costume! I am so mean!
My favorite picture of Milo!
Jess and I went up to visit our friends, the Anzers, on Halloween evening. This is Loran, Anthony, Brenna, and Chelsea.
J.R. always gives out an awesome variety of things (king size candy bars, bags of chips, mac & cheese). As for the undeserving (teens not dressed up), they get Mo Tab postcards! They were not very psyched!
Jess came up to the Anzer's house with me, but since he had to work early the next morning he chose not to come downtown with me. Too bad he has a job he actually has to "be all there" for!
Josh , me, Gilbert, Jenny, Jessi, & Christian.
So HOT! Gilbert actually won Jazz tickets and a $50 gift card for one of the best costumes.
Stewardess Eileen & pilot Trevor
Pimp werewolf Greg & Little Red Riding Whore Lorainne
The whole Port O Call crew.

Me and my bestest friend, Eileen!


Me in a nut shell said...

Great Costume! You look fabulous!

Lindsey S. said...

I love the costumes!

teamkc said...

Great costumes! I really like the idea of giving different treats to different folks!