Monday, December 8, 2008

flashback night

On Saturday, Trevor had a b-day party for Eileen. We went to good ol' Classic skating in Sandy for Flashback night! Thanks to Danell, we all had excellent flashback gear to dress up in! Jess got stuck in this dress. He was yelling at me to help him, but I was too busy laughing and taking pictures! He decided this one worked better. Nice crotch grab, huh?
Tarek and Oliver wanted to help Eileen blow out her candles. I made that cake and it was an absolute disaster...this is why I usually just go to Costco.
Our Flashback Crew.

We also rented the karaoke room. Here is Trevor singing "Come on Eileen".


Meg B said...

Oh man, I love the clothes! What would you call the shade of your dress, flamingo pink or pepto bismol pink? How have you been doing? Cocolito's was fun.

Ron and Jessica said...

That dress is better than your Polyg dress!

teamkc said...

I can't believe you can still roller skate!?!

Dan & Casey Ritter said...

That looked like a lot of fun! love ya!