Tuesday, December 9, 2008

christmas tag

1. Egg nog or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate...Ican't stand egg nog even with a little something added to it to make it fun!

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Definitely wrapped. Way more fun!

3. Colored lights on a tree/house or white? I always thought just white lights were really classy, but my tree actually has red and green colored lights. My mom bought it for me, so I am not complaining!

4. Do I hang mistletoe? No, but I should!

5. When do I put up my decorations? After Thanksgiving. I can't stand to see Christmas before Thanksgiving!

6. What is my favorite holiday dish? My mom's homemade pierogi's (Slavic dumpling stuffed with potatoes and cheese). She doesn't actually home make them anymore because it was an all day affair, but she does buy the frozen ones at the store and doctors them up to taste just as good!

7. Favorite holiday memory as a child? baking Christmas cookies with my mom and decorating the house while listening to the Carpenters Christmas album.

8. When and how did I learn the truth about Santa? I actually don't remember, but I know I was way too old to still be believing!

9. Do we open a Christmas gift on Christmas Eve? When I grew up we opened one from an extended family member. Now, since we have to divide our time between my parents and Jess's parents we do my parents house on Christmas Eve and open all presents then.

10. How do I decorate our tree? I actually have a memory tree. Most of the ornaments on it are from somewhere we have traveled or from Jess's childhood.

11. Can I ice skate? Um, YEAH! I took lessons when I was a kid!

12. Can I remember my favorite gift? My Munchi chi!

13. What is the most important thing about he holidays for me? Family and giving to less fortunate.

14. What is my favorite holiday dessert? Almond Rocca!

15. What is my favorite holiday tradition? Going to Little America for dinner on Christmas night.

16. What tops my tree? A strange looking santa

17. What do I prefer - Giving or receiving? Giving

18. What is my favorite Christmas song? River by Travis, Song for a Winter's Night by Sarah McLachlan, Carpenters Christmas album, and yes I love Manhiem Steamroller too.

19. Candy Canes? Hmm, not too big of a fan. Only if I am desperate for a breath freshener.

I tag... Megan, Heather, Veronica, Lindsey, or anyone who wants to participate!

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