Monday, December 15, 2008

smokey mountain christmas

Last night was the 10th annual Smokey Mountain Christmas party, but only my 5th. Our good friend Mike O'Connor started this lovely tradition, but moved to Austria 3 years ago, so Eileen continued his tradition here in the US. Now Mike used to really get into this, such as a graded pre and post movie quiz and song books to sing a long. If people talked or did not sing along he was hurt!

Eileen has made the environment a bit more relaxed. Mike did email us a quiz from Austria that we all took together before and after the movie, and yes, we did still sing along with the movie! There was even a guest appearance from:


It is also tradition that new comers dress as Dolly.

If you have not seen this made-for-tv movie, I highly recommend it...for a good laugh!

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