Monday, March 9, 2009

hammer, ice, and boyz II men part 2

Yes folks, I had a week of reliving my youth in the 90's! It was fabulous and it was all thanks to Rosie for hooking me up! It all started with the MC Hammer/Vanilla Ice concert:
Rosie's attire was amazing!

Apparently pics copied from Facebook are tiny? Here is Chelsea, Rosie, and, me.

Miniture picture of MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice. Rosie got much better pics than me because she stuck it out up front in the crowd. My prego but was done after the opening band, so I sat in the seats above. Good thing because the show lasted until 12:30 am! Too late for this prego!

On our way to Wendover for the Boyz II Men concert!

It was the exact same show we saw in August, but I didn't mind...I love these guys! This was Rosie's 3rd time seeing them!

I decided to shake it for a minute...but just for a minute!

After the show we cruised around the lovely town of Wendover (LOL). We found these MOLDY "Whipper Snackers" (beef jerky) at a gas station and this guy:

WENDOVER WILL...the only thing worth looking at in Wendover, NV.

Hope you enjoyed my BIG and small pictures...I am pissed.

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