Monday, March 9, 2009

mx casey

My sister in law, Casey, got a dirt bike, so we took her out to the little field by my house to teach her to ride.

Sure as hell don't fit in these anymore!

Yes, I rode 5 months prego, BUT I took it easy for the most part. Go ahead, nominate me for "parent of the year" already!

Casey and her husband, Dan


Veronica said...

I wish I could have been there. The picture with your belly in your dirt bike pants makes me laugh. Just wait until your belly button pops can't wait!

Lindsey S. said...

Fun. I think I would kill myself on the dirt bike!

Meg B said...

That is awesome, and you're being a better pregnant woman because you are actually getting out and doing stuff instead of sitting on your butt using pregnancy as an excuse to be lazy like so many do! I LOVE the pic of your belly hanging out of your pants- gotta love the fact that NOThING fits.

Me in a nut shell said...

You'll be that "Cool Mom" that does all the cool stuff - You will be nominated for that! Hey get out while you can, because taking off won't be so easy in a few months! ;)

teamkc said...

Apparently I should pass along some advice from my doc: "you need to think of pregnancy as a disability!" And yet, it was stepping off a 2" step that shattered my ankle! Good luck!