Monday, February 7, 2011

Catching up

Wow, I guess I do get visitors to my blog! Thanks for your comments! I have a lot of catching up to do! Watch Abby grow right before your eyes....

We went to Florida last May for a wedding. It was Abby's 1st time on a plane and on the beach. I was so excited, but the excitement faded when she started vomitting the 1st night we got there. It was also the 1st time she had a tummy bug...lots of 1sts here! Then Jess ended up getting it and I got a milder form of it, so luckily I was able to function as a bridesmaid. Honestly, it was the worst trip ever...but the wedding was absolutely gorgoeus.

I just love that scrunchy lil' face!

We had Abby's 1st b-day party at her grandparents house. She slept through most of it and I actually had to wake her up for cake and presents before the guests left!

We went to Bear Lake. Abby HATED this life jacket!!
Then we went on a bike ride and she fell asleep in this really uncomfortable position!

Newport Beach, CA

Abby and her buddy, Jasmine.

We took a chance and drove our natural gas car to CA. It was awesomely cheap! Since stations are far and few between, it was kinda sketchy in some stretches, but totally worth the savings in gas!!
Rides at the State Fair!

I just love this pic!

Hiking w/ mommy up Big Cottonwood

I had a little girls getaway in September for my friend, Zoey's 30th b-day.

We took a Stripper class

It was amazing and the best workout.

We went to our annual Moab party in the desert.

Watchin' some Elmo under Castleton Tower,

My little Chiquita Banana!

I stupidly fell off a dirt bike in is my sand rash. I had flip flops, shorts, a tank top and no helmet on. Yes I am an idiot.

Crazy little bedhead

Goin' to St George
Abby loves her buddy...even if I want to choke him sometimes.

It's a pillow, it's a pet, it's a pillow pet!

This was her favorite Christmas present.

Uncle Jake and Auntie Joelle came from Montana to visit for Christmas...literally, just Christmas day. Jeanie made us do a big family pic with one piece sock monkey jammies. I will not post mine, but here is a cute one of the grandkids w/ Oma and Papa.

Abby's cousin, Mikayla, turned 3. They love playing together!

Well, there it is....a whirlwind slideshow of what has been going on! Hope I didn't bore y'all too much! Hopefully, I will be better at updating now!


Leigh and Craig said...

Holy cow! She got so big! I love it!

Lindsey S. said...

She is so big now! I hope to see you guys soon!