Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Home sweet home

Here are some pics of the new house.

I will get a kitchen island in here and use that cool pot hanger rack!

I want to get a sectional couch in here eventually...

And move the old couch in here. This is the entry/sitting room. As you can see it is really open! The room in the back is supposed to be a formal dining room, but we are going to turn that into a computer room.

Abby's playroom. Milo loves the sun.
I am in love with these little wall graphics!

Master bedroom

Master favorite place!

Abby's room

Guest room. We have one more bedroom, but it is a storage room at this time and definitely not worth taking a picture!

Backyard. Those are fruit trees.

There are so many grow boxes...I guess I am going to have to take up gardnening this summer...or turn them into a sandbox for Abby!


Ron and Jessica said...

Cute house Nikki. Congrats!

Amanda&Wade said...

Oh I love it! I am so jealous of how big and spacious it is! Congrats :)

Lindsey S. said...

Where do you live now?